10 Best Beauty Tips every woman needs to know


Apply sunscreen Daily


Even when it’s cloudy never forget wearing sunscreen every day, rain or shine.

Make your eyes open


Open up your eyes: Apply a light eye shadow (like ivory or gold) just above the lash line and along inner corners of your eyes.

How to camouflage grey hair


If you have dark hair you can use mascara. For blondes or redheads try dusting your roots with bronzing powder.

Must have: top coat

Use top coat on freshly painted nails, a topcoat makes your nail polish will ensure it lasts longer.

Brush hair from roots to ends

Brush hair from roots to ends nightly. This distributes natural oils throughout the shaft and give hair a healthy sheen.

Tweezing Tips

Before you tweeze, make sure you soften your skin by a cotton ball soaked in warm water or cream.

When you start tweezing, do so in the direction of your hair’s growth.

Choose your shampoo carefully

If you color your hair, look for sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners, which don’t contain detergents.

How to apply a blush

Before applying powder, gently blow the excess of your brush to prevent flaking.

Concentrate blush on the apple of cheeks, the part that puffs out when you smile.

Use a primer

Apply always a primer before your foundation. Your makeup will stay longer.

How to get legs smoother

Wait until after your shower to shave. The steam soften hairs for smoother results.