Lose your weight with new life style

Lose your weight, with new life style 



  • Take a walk  30 minutes or make  some exercises 20 minutes everyday.
  • Cucumber will be our best friend.Eat cucumber when you are hungry at snacks, you will be pleased.Or you can eat fruits apple, orange.
  • Get used to eating whole wheat bread . If you don’t like drinking water , you can put lemon, apple on to the boil of water and then drink 2 liter a day.
  • Avoid from to put  margarin to the foods , try to put olive oil.
  • If you want something to drink like alcohol , do not prefer beer,whisky,vodka.Drink wine ,max 2 glasses,sure it would be better if you don’t drink , but it is not a diet program it would be a lifestyle so drink responsible and max 2 not everyday be a social drinker.
  • At breakfast 2 whole wheat bread , 1 egg , 2 thin slice of cheese ,10 olives, 1 tomatoes , 2-3 cucumber,1 apple or orange . 2-3 tea or coffee non-sugar.Do not drink too much tea or coffee  , you may get blurred.Non-sugar tea  is more delicious try it.
  • At lunch one slice of grilled chicken or grilled steak max 200 gr. , salad , 1 whole wheat bread , drink water.if you don’t want to eat meat or salad you can eat  a cheese toast.
  • At dinner get used to eat vegetable dishes, or grilled chicken or grilled steak . In the evenings we don’t have too much time to make exercise so you should eat less than the other meals.If you have time you can eat .



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