Finally it is summer time and your skin- the most sensitive  part of your body- in this period calls for special attention .You should protect your skin from tan , darkness and blemishes. In addition UV rays of the sun can increase the wrinkle problems. If you don’t take enough care from UV rays this can harm your skin.

1- Fountain of youth; water!

Drinking water  will give you a radiant, healthy and younger skin appearance.

In addition to drinking your daily water intake you can also eat seasonal summer water rich  foods like watermelon.



2-Protect your skin from the most harmful rays

The  sun’s most harmful rays are between 11.00 am and 16.00 pm so try to not go the beach at this time or use high SPF sun care products.


3- Exfoliation for smoother skin

Exfoliation  removes dead skin cells and improve hydration performance


4 -Keep your skin hydrated

Adding a moisturizing  cream with SPF to your morning beauty routine is crucial for a healthy skin.

5-Use a lipstick with SPF

Lip protection is also very important. You should use a lip care with SPF at least 15. Lip balm will be a better choice choice for summer than a gloss and it will tend to hydrate more and stay longer.